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Our Story

    Starline Supply has been in West Oakland since 1946, but has morphed into a bigger, more professional company since moving to our roomier location on Peralta Street in 2007. We expanded their warehouse and offices last year. Although our warehouse is large enough to service many of the Oakland schools, offices, janitorial services and state buildings, yet we still deliver one or two cases of cleaning supplies or paper products to smaller customers. “We’re getting bigger, but I hope we never get stuffy and take our selves too seriously, after all we do sell toilet paper,” says Julie Fishman, the owner.

    One of the things that Starline is focusing on more and more is green cleaning. “Green used to mean that it didn’t work” says Julie, “but now the technology has caught up with the desire for green. We have equipment and many cleaning chemicals that do the job as well as their traditional counterparts.”

    Starline Supply is the supplier of choice for school districts, office buildings, state and federal accounts, health care, and cleaning professionals. We provide quality products and personalized service at a competitive price.

We are proud to be:

  • Woman Owned and Operated Small Business 
  •  Bay Area Sanitary Supply(BASS) Member 
  •  International Sanitary Supply (ISSA) Member 
  •  AFFLINK Preferred Supplier
    County of Alameda 
  • Small Local Emerging Business(SLEB) 
  •  State of California Certified Small Business #19976 
  •  California Multiple Award Schedule Holder (CMAS)

Sanitary Maintenance Award Winner 2015

Americo® Manufacturing has won a Distributor Choice Award by Sanitary Maintenance! Distributors worldwide voted Americo's Full Cycle™ floor pads, as a top innovation for 2015. The unique floor pads have been recognized with other industry awards such as, ISSA's 2014 Innovation Award, NISSCO's 2014 Sustainability Award, and The Cleaning Show's 2015 Innovation Award earlier this year.

Americo's Full Cycle™ floor pads represent the value the company adds to their offerings-it's the value they bring to customers and their commitment to continue to deliver innovative and effective solutions. A leader in the Jan/San industry for 46 years, Americo has been manufacturing floor pads with 100% recycled fibers for over a decade. In 2014, Americo® introduced an innovative floor pad technology that is specially formulated to biodegrade in a fraction of the time once discarded into a landfill, compared to conventional pads.*

ASTM D5511 testing shows Americo floor pads with Full Cycle™ technology biodegraded 92.5% in 616 days, their nearest competitor's pad biodegraded only 15.4% in the same length of time.* With Americo floor pads, their customers don't have to sacrifice quality or product performance to leave a green footprint. Americo's innovative technology does not modify their core pad formulation. Their products have the same high quality, product performance and consistency that customers have come to expect from Americo.
*View ASTM D5511 test results for additional details at for more information or email

Contact us at 800-241-9902 or 770-974-7000.
ISSA Booth #1229